Hello Knights Baseball Families,

Six years ago, Coach Vince Brown brought back his favorite fundraiser and we’ve had great success so far! The pies will be coming from a Los Angeles wholesale bakery that supplies numerous Southern California restaurants and bakeries. The fundraiser will begin on Monday, December 2nd and run through Wednesday, December 11th. Players will be taking pie orders and providing a service by delivering them directly to their supporters. Pies are $16.00 each and flavor choices are Apple, Pumpkin, and Cherry. We are also offering Sugar Cookies, each order is one pound (17 large cookies).


Pie Distribution Day is Wednesday, December 18th at Foothill High School in front of the Event Center. Players will be responsible for picking up and delivering their pie orders (supporters are not to pick up their pies). Not going to be in town but would s/ll like to participate in the pie sales? We have several families and players who can deliver your orders to you. Just let us know and we’ll arrange it.

Attached are the forms and a flyer you will need to help you sell and track your orders:

  1. The Order Form is to be used as a selling tool. Print several to use at the office or in your neighborhood to collect orders. There is a gratuity option if your supporter wishes to add that and will be applied as a donation toward the fundraiser.

  2. The Pie Tracker Form is for you to track all your pie orders. Please keep a copy of these for your records.

  3. Pie Fundraiser Flyer – Feel free to use this on your social media, reaching out to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, and family.

Pie Orders and Money Collection will be Thursday, December 12th at baseball practice. Please bring in all completed Order Forms and Pie Tracker forms along with all the money collected. We will be in the field at the beginning of practice to collect these.

Pie Donation Option – There is a pie donation option on the Order Form. Those supporters who don’t need a pie for their own holiday celebrations can purchase pies that we will donate in their name to local fire, law enforcement, or OperaWon Warm Wishes (supporter can designate). The Division Rep along with any players who can help will take care of delivering those donated pies.

Online Ordering Option – In lieu of the Order Form, your supporters can order and pay for pies online via https://foothill-baseball-boosters.square.site/shop/pie-cookie-sales/5 from December 2nd through December 11th. Please remind anyone ordering pies online to fill in your player’s name in the memo box (along with any pie donation designation) during checkout. We will track those online orders and notify you via e-mail when an order has been placed. Please check your e-mails and add these orders to your Pie Tracker form for online orders.


Let the pie sales begin!


Tunuja Meeks                          Andrea Johnson                               Janelle McMahon

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