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YouTube Account
Name: Administrator Privileges
UN: web@knightsbooster
PW: FoothillBaseb@ll

Please be aware that this webpage was established to be kept hidden and reserved solely for instructional purposes. Its function is to guide the individual who will assume the responsibility of web administration in the future. This internal resource will offer comprehensive instructions on managing various aspects of our online presence, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing effective management.


We have implemented a solution provided by to establish email aliases for each of our board positions. This solution allows us to enhance privacy and security by concealing personal email addresses when communicating online.

For this setup, we utilized the admin account,, for managing email aliases. Each email alias is created under this admin account and designated for specific board positions. These aliases are then configured to automatically forward incoming emails to the respective board member's personal email address. This approach allows us to ensure the privacy of personal email addresses while maintaining efficient communication channels between the board and external contacts.

The domain "" was established by our web administrator using in August 2023. This decision was primarily driven by the need to create email aliases, as previously discussed. It's worth noting that there are multiple ways to access the domain's management features. Specifically, the Google login functionality was utilized, with the username "," to set up the "" domain.

It's important to clarify that the domain "" itself is not hosting a website independently. Instead, it has been configured to forward visitors to "" This strategic approach allows us to maintain a unified online presence while serving the purpose of the Booster program effectively.

Please be aware that has been added as an administrator on This grants administrative access for managing our online presence.

Jaime Vargas




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